Thursday, May 19, 2005

bittersweet breakdown

Top 5 Things I Like About L.A.

1. Indie 103: This is the best all-music radio station I've heard in a long time. Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones does radio like it should be done. Recently, E from The Eels was a guest and rather than showcase the new singles, they broke out their guitars and played covers of songs they liked, whether they knew the lyrics or not. Now, even the Suicide Girls have a show.

2. Recycling: In New York, I would diligently separate my paper products at home, just to see my super lump everything together in the same bag. At work, I would place all the paper products in the blue bin, just to be told by someone that both bins ended up in the same place. Here, there are three bins:
- blue for recycling everything, and it doesn't even have to separated
- green for mulch
- black for miscellaneous garbage that can't be recycled, which is picked up by a separate truck so I know it's for real

3. Trader Joe's: Oh Joe, I love you so. I used to have to drive to Connecticut to procure the inexpensive delicacies offered at this wonderful store. During the first trip I made to TJ's upon my arrival, I found myself loading up my cart like a maniac until I thought, "Wait. I can come back tomorrow."

4. Friendly Fellow Bloggers: When I had this blog in New York, I linked to some fellow bloggers and never heard a peep from any of them. When I was about to move here, I decided to link to some L.A. bloggers, and I heard from almost every one of them, welcoming me or just saying hello.

5. Space, space, space: I can spread out and do yoga in my bedroom. I can have a lane just for turning. I can park really close to anywhere I want to go. I can do things without having to wait in an hour-long queue. I can run laps in the backyard.

Top 5 Things I Miss About New York

1. Knowing Where to Go: I know I lived here before, but that was seven years ago and a different neighborhood. I miss being able to set out for my day and visualize in a minute where to go for anything I might need.

2. Desegregation: I could walk one block in New York City and pass more people of color than I see in a whole week here. According to the film Crash, this is partly due to the fact I live in the Valley, but it's still a distressing situation.

3. Celebrate Brooklyn @ Prospect Park Bandshell: One of my all-time favorite things to do in New York is walk through Park Slope and arrive at Prospect Park with my basket full of picnic goodies, listen to excellent music for free or see a silent film with live accompaniment, and wait until the sun sets, so I can see how the green lights illuminate the trees overhead.

4. Walking Distance: There are neighborhoods here that advertise a "semi-pedestrian way of life," but all that means is that there are some places to which you can walk, but you'll eventually need to get in your car and go somewhere else. Plus, "walking distance" here is a hike, not a stroll.

5. Eastern Standard Time: When I lived on the East Coast, I could ramble in at 1:00 in the morning and still have people to call on the West Coast. By the end of the day here (or at 9:00 when my "night minutes" begin), everyone I want to call is asleep (or should be).

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Anonymous said...

I guess it's not summer yet, but when it does come you can add "The smell of urine" to the things one might miss about NYC.