Tuesday, July 26, 2005

world peace through TM

Boing Boing and Guruphiliac cover David's Lynch's newest project (even newer than The Daily Report you can find to your right): a massive transcendental meditation program for kids designed to bring about world peace.

"I want to raise $7 billion dollars. People laugh at $7 billion but it would stay in a bank account and the interest would be enough to keep things going on a permanent basis," Lynch told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

"I would like to find some very wealthy individuals who saw the truth of this and said 'I want to do something for the world which is meaningful'. This is a way to bring real peace to earth. Real peace isn't just the absence of war. It is the absence of negativity," he said.

Lynch did not say why his program needs $7 billion rather than, say, $10 billion or $1 billion.


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that the Maharishi University of Management tried to cover up a violent student on their campus in order to avoid bad publicity for David Lynch? A boy was stabbed in the face, and he had to drive himself to the hospital. They just wanted to ignore the fact that someone was stabbed. Later that same day, the violent student, who was still on the loose because the administration did not call the police, murdered another boy by stabbing him in the chest multiple times. The MUM administration could have prevented the murder had they followed their own security policies, but they decided to ignore reality and hope that it all was just a fabrication of a bad trip. These people are not helping to bring world peace.

alternate viewpoints said...

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