Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the mother of invention

When I recently drove cross-country in a rental truck, I was perplexed as to how I would survive 3000 miles with only a radio. Clearly, I would not. What's a girl to do? I began to look into ways I could feed my music need, and I was quite surprised at the lack of solutions to this problem. The first possibility was to use a cassette device that plugged into the tapedeck on one end and a Walkman or MP3 player on the other, thus connecting the portable device to the car speakers. This would have worked if I had a tapedeck. No such luck. Of course, I could just have loaded my boombox up with batteries, but from previous cross-country experience, I knew that would involve hundreds of dollars in Ds. My next and only option was to power up said boombox using the truck as a battery through the magic of a cigarette lighter adapter. This worked quite well, but there was obviously a need for some new technology. This vehicular music innovation would still not have solved my problem, but it is good news for the future: a car stereo with a USB port and SD slot.

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