Thursday, July 21, 2005

heat miser

I'm melting faster than that popsicle that drowned Union Square, so I'm just going to point to other places on this fine world wide web of ours that I found entertaining:

  • TMFTML creates his own bit of found art to make a biting comment on everyday heroes and the guts it takes to make them.
Guy on cell: ...I'm fine, really. It was not a good time to come to London, though. The police are all running around looking worried. I should be back in New York in a few days.
--Duane Reade, Broadway & 84th, 7/21

Man on cell: Yeah baby, yeah, I'm still in London. Yeah, I'll be back on Wednesday, baby.
-- West 4th & Jane, 7/6
  • Bookslut links to the "My Favorite Word" project. When the humidity clears, maybe I'll be able to remember mine. Update: I just posted an entry for "badinage." Told ya I'd remember.

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