Wednesday, July 27, 2005

dance me in

"Dance Me In" from the Sons & Daughters' album Repulsion Box just played on the radio and rocked me enough that I ran to the KCRW site to find out who was playing. You can listen to a clip here and watch the full video here. They're at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on September 2nd and the Henry Fonda Theatre in LA on September 13th & 14th. said the gramophone has their track "Medicine" and lonesome music has "Hunt." Update: largehearted boy has the full track of "Dance Me In."

"On the night of a scorching summer solstice, it's not surprising that the mandolin player Ailidh Lennon and the singer Adele Bethel are wearing off-the-shoulder tops, though that's not what you would normally expect from their stripped-down take on psychobilly, the long-lost punk'n'roll genre." - The Independent

"Where's your head at? There's nobody like Sons and Daughters...Their threatening punk country may have the bite of the White Stripes or PJ Harvey, but their intensity and charisma are singular." - Guardian Unlimited

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