Friday, July 08, 2005

sweet stamp

Now that waiting in line at the post office is no longer a full-day affair (see: 23rd Street Madison Square Station), I've been having quite a time experimenting with the stamps you can get when you visit the window rather than using the time-saving machines (which offer two choices: toy trucks or flags). I was enjoying the Robert Penn Warren stamps as well as the 20th Century American Choreographers, but nothing can match the cool-ass Buckminster Fuller stamp. It's been out for awhile, but it's new to me.

The stamp artwork is a painting of Fuller by Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965). The painting, which originally appeared on the cover of Time magazine on Jan. 10, 1964, depicts Fuller's head in the pattern of a geodesic dome. Geodesic domes and a number of his other inventions surround Fuller, including the Dymaxion Car, the 4D Apartment House and several objects and models that reflect the geometric and structural principles he discovered.

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