Wednesday, August 16, 2006

rich friends...poor us

L to R: Sandra Tsing Loh, Meghan Daum, Nicole Holofcener

There was a gem of an event last night at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy, housed in a shiny, immaculate building between the Japanese American National Museum and the Geffen Contemporary downtown. Writer Meghan Daum had been given the reins by Zócalo and KPCC to invite anyone she chose to discuss anything she chose. The result was Daum, writer/performer Sandra Tsing Loh, and (escapegrace favorite) director Nicole Holofcener in conversation about the topic "Rich Friends, Poor Us: Is Status Anxiety the Newest Form of Depression?"

The title question wasn't exactly addressed, but many other engaging ideas were: Is the middle class identified by its anxiety about class? Is class defined by money? Education? Lifestyle? Is Gore Vidal the classiest person in LA? How do filmmakers deal with the need to portray realistic apartments in New York? Is class different in LA than it is in New York? Is the creative class its own class? Do rich friends have to be fancy friends? Is the word "classy"
déclassé? How is the experience of class different for women? Can only rich people be jewelry designers? Does college have any connection to class any longer? Does parenthood put the trappings of class on display? Are working mothers more anxious about having classy children? Do Americans still believe they can go from rags to riches?

The entire conversation will eventually be broadcast on KPCC and possibly available via podcast here.

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Anonymous said...

coolio. did you attend this event? How many people were there and what did they look like? I can't wait to see this event on ch 36
thanks for the update.