Wednesday, August 23, 2006

for unbelievers, believers, and the unbelieved

Boing Boing points to Signs of Witness, "the interactive site that tracks putative signs of the supposed apocalypse end times." Some of the posts cover reports of the Virgin Mary appearing in chocolate and statues of Hindu gods drinking milk, but today's post is probably the most convincing:

So the other day I got up and saw an article about how global warming was melting the ice caps, increasing the likelihood of hurricanes, making diseases like the Black Plague primed for a comeback, pushing tropical diseases north, helping to cause oceanic dead zones and likely to increase heat related deaths severely as time goes on…The SAME DAY I saw an article about how pesticides are found in almost all water systems now, and ANOTHER ONE with a study showing how babies are harmed by exposure to small amounts of pesticides and herbicides. Then later that day I read that there are a variety of toxins now found in cow’s milk, across the west, due to a massive leak into the water of a rocket fuel byproduct. Then I read that the US Government is starting new experiments–and breaking a treaty to do it–with biowarfare agents. Then I read that Russian nuclear weapons that went missing…are still missing. Then I read that a global mutant-flu pandemic is still expected…Then I read that the govt has failed to find a place to bury the nuclear waste we’ve been building up…and it’s starting to leak. And that night I heard that the Iranians are definitely building nuclear weapons and the USA is pushing toward attacking them.

And all this was in one day. So who needs magical manifestations of the end times. This is all about…what WE do.