Thursday, August 03, 2006

he just went berserk

This is the actual headline:

Elvis’ teddy bear leaves building the hard way:
Guard dog rips head off Presley’s $75,000 toy in stuffed-animal rampage

When was the last time I went on a stuffed-animal rampage? Obviously, it's been way too long.

Usage Note: According to Strunk & White, only ancient proper names like Achilles, Jesus, Moses, and Isis don't take the apostrophe and the 's' after their names to form the possessive. (For example, it would be Chris's blog.) I guess Elvis has joined the biblical and mythological pantheon. He is the King, after all.

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Anonymous said...

I must comment on the previous post re books people read publicly on the subway. When one sees someone reading Any Rand (anything except The Fountainhead, which makes the opposite argument than she intended), I am afraid, regardless of man or woman.

People reading old science fiction paperbackd, however, get an immediate pass.