Saturday, August 19, 2006

devotchka @ troubadour

After about a year of never being able to get the song "Such a Lovely Thing" out of my head, I finally got to see it performed live at the Devotchka show last night at the Troubadour. What I thought would be the highlight was just one of many as these Denver musicians rocked the house. (I've decided my habitually poor concert photos are a result of my reluctance to squeeze through the crowd and get closer to the stage. Oh well.)

Singer Nick Urata had a guitar playing/dancing move that was damn near irresistible to this audience member, but the other musicians were equally impressive, especially Jeanie Schroder who alternated between the upright bass and a Christmas-light festooned tuba, as seen in this photo from the band's website.

If you're in the Southwest or New York, you're in luck. Their tour continues through September.