Tuesday, May 02, 2006

prose is the theater of the mind...

...was Chip Kidd's explanation of why he chose a traditional (as opposed to graphic) novel format for his 2001 publication The Cheese Monkeys. Kidd is known for wearing many hats, most famously perhaps as book designer, having David Sedaris's Naked among others on his roster. One of the stories he told while in conversation with Charles Solomon on Saturday was how he requested Sedaris bring a pair of his underpants to lunch - briefs that were later deemed too sexual for the cover. My favorite Kidd tale was how he called up Chris Ware and said "Hey, I want to be your friend." I have actually been discouraged from doing this quite recently (with someone other than Chris Ware), and while I may still not ever follow through with such a bold proposition, it's nice to know there's a precedent.

My next panel was The Art of the Short Story with Thane Rosenbaum, Bret Anthony Johnson, A.M. Homes, and Tod Goldberg. Tod has a better wrap-up of it than I could probably provide, so I'll send you over there. When you return, I'll have a report from the Joyce Carol Oates/Michael Silverblatt powwow.
(Forgive the awful photo...)

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