Tuesday, October 04, 2005

who you callin' a superannuated teenage golem?

The Onion A.V. club has a blog (news to me) and a recent post documents a dust-up between writer Harlan Ellison and Mike Krahulik, the artist behind webcomic Penny Arcade.

Short version: Ellison, Gabe, and Gabe's "Penny Arcade" partner Tycho (a.k.a. Jerry Holkins) were guests of honor at a Seattle-area convention called Foolscap. After the convention, Gabe posted an account of an onstage encounter with Harlan, who reportedly was rude and profane to them. Some of Penny Arcade's fans swarmed the bulletin boards of Harlan's home page, calling him names; Harlan responded with a post to his own boards calling Gabe "a superannuated teen-age golem with a slack jaw, a slow manner, a typical pointless surliness at a world unwilling or unable to accept him as Superlative, and on sum a twerp easy to dismiss."

And then it was on...