Tuesday, October 11, 2005

exposing the hustler

#1 Hit Song and Stephen Beachy of New York magazine argue that JT LeRoy is a hoax perpetrated by a failed writer named Laura Albert.

Beachy's chief revelation is his disconcerting discovery that everywhere JT goes, the mysterious and annoying Laura Albert follows. Albert, who has gone by a number of assumed identities, appears to be the nexus of every personality quirk, timeline fallacy, and impossible-to-prove-or-disprove mystery surrounding JT's background. Without recapping the entire article, I'll merely say: There's a mountain of evidence that she is, in fact, JT--and her mother and sister appear to be in on the ruse as well.

So why has the unraveling of the JT LeRoy hoax taken so damned long? Because, like Fox Mulder, people Want to Believe.