Tuesday, October 11, 2005


David Byrne has found time - when he's not hanging with the Arcade Fire - to transform a Stockholm factory into a musical instrument open to the public.

The organ's keys and stops are linked to dozens of clear plastic tubes that pump air through the factory vents to make a range of whistle noises, bang hammers that clank against hollow iron pillars and start four engines ranged on the roof.

The resulting cacophony is deafening and the factory, which dates from 1889 and once produced guns, combine harvesters and more recently paint, briefly sounds like it has been granted a new lease of industrial life.

"It's a very democratic instrument, everyone is reduced to the same amateur level," said Byrne.

In other 'how are they spending their time now?' news, The Dead Kennedys cancelled a show in Los Angeles because it was sponsored by Coors. Can you blame 'em? (Via Brooklyn Vegan)