Monday, September 12, 2005

under construction

Jeanette Winterson wonders why writers are so wary of websites...

Type in a few well-known names and the results are unexpected and amusing: try Rushdie, and Salman’s Web Site looks promising, but out pops a single line — Under Construction. Martin Amis appears to have no web presence at all, apart from “Allo, les amis”, a French holiday log-in. Smiths Ali and Zadie have plenty of web threads, but A Web of One’s Own they have not...Hanif Kureishi has a miserable site, which looks as if it’s been generated at an Early Learning Centre based in Wigan, while Ruth Rendell has a publisher’s site harder to navigate than Bugdom Level Eight.

...but she can't include Pete Townshend, who will be blogging his new novella, "The Boy Who Heard Music."

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