Sunday, September 25, 2005

mix post: literary edition

If you know me at all, you knew this edition was going to come along one day soon...

Wrapped Up in Books - Belle & Sebastian
@ Something Old, Something New

Written All Over Me - Joel Plaskett
@ *sixeyes

San Marosa - Bugs Eat Books
@ largehearted boy

Inquizative, Derivative - Silent Poets featuring Last Poets
@ Can I Bring My Gat?

The Electric Love Letter - Langhorne Slim
@ songs:illinois

The Lemon of Pink, pt. 2 - The Books
@ You Ain't No Picasso

The Text Is Written (Upside Down) - Audrey
@ swedesplease

Wuthering Heights - The Decemberists
@ My Old Kentucky Blog

My Boyfriend Writes Plays - Pants Yell!
@ So...Where Is Helsinki?

The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson - Robert Deeble
@ songs:illinois

Sylvia Plath - Ryan Adams
@ indoor fireworks

The Author Surrenders - Kimone
@ Ninja's Dojo

The Book of Right-on - Joanna Newsom
@ Louder than War

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Dicker said...

Quiz Fodder! Thx JD