Sunday, December 07, 2008

wrong wrong wrong

As you may know, my favorite weekly ritual is listening to Chris Morris's morning radio program Watusi Rodeo and posting the Sunday Short Stack. When I tuned in to Indie 103.1 this morning, I found out the hard way that the station canceled the show four days ago with no notice. The show's defunct URLs don't even explain what happened. From Chris Morris's MySpace blog:

It grieves me to inform my faithful "Watusi Rodeo" listeners that Indie 103.1 has cancelled my show, effective immediately. My third anniversary broadcast, which would have aired this coming Sunday, Dec. 7, will not take place. A sneak attack, and it isn't even Pearl Harbor Day yet! When Max Tolkoff, the program director at Indie, called me yesterday morning to inform me that my show was being dropped, he told me it was in the interest of making the sound of the station more "consistent." So far, the Rodeo -- the only roots/Americana show on L.A. commercial radio -- is the only victim of this drive for consistency. Max magnanimously offered me a midnight slot during the week FOR ZERO COMPENSATION; this offer was declined, since I did college radio for free 40 years ago, and I don't want to revisit my penniless youth as I near retirement age.

Morris says Scion (maker of the escapegrace hotrod) has offered him a spot on their online station. Indie's loss, Scion's gain.

Image from an interview at New Angeles Monthly

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