Tuesday, December 02, 2008

santa baby

Dear Santa - I've been incredibly, relentlessly unnaughty, so please reward me for all my hard work. Go on, check your list. Here's mine. XO XO

Signed First Hardcover Edition of Cloud Atlas @ Alibris $150

Chuck Taylor All-Star Sparkle (Champagne) @ Converse $64.99

Bat Segundo 3 DVD Set @ edrants.com $50

Prairie Underground Long Cloak Hoodie @ doe $222

The Kansas City Star Bundle @ Dzanc Books $40

USB Key Skull Ring @ Geek Stuff 4 U $199.02

Punk Rock Xmas @ lala $8.56

Bling Hammer @ Glamourpuss $34.95

Cultural Package @ Chiang Mai Luxury Resort, Northern Thailand $3,885.27

Fuiji Instax Camera @ Urban Outfitters $130

The Slanket @ SkyMall $44.99

Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! Lunchbox @ The BUST Boobtique $17.95

Into-the-Woods Dress @ Anthropologie $149.95

Electric MINI E @ Los Angeles Auto Show $TBD

Franco Sarto Era @ Piperlime $49.99

Tenure Track Job @ First Choice University - Priceless


Allison K said...

Santa wants you to know that the Into the Woods dress (which I adore) is on sale for $69.95...

escapegrace said...

I think it went down in price because now it's no longer in my size. If you're an 8, BUY IT!