Monday, December 08, 2008

superlatives monday

The Best of... lists will be rolling in at a rapid clip over the next few weeks. A start:

The Washington Post: 10 Best Books of the Year
The Los Angeles Times: Favorite Books 2008
The New York Times: The 10 Best Books of 2008

I may be biased but the LA Times picks are so much more interesting than the others.

Largehearted Boy: Favorite Albums of 2008
Susie Bright: Favorite Dozen Movies in 2008
Computerworld: Top 10 Best-Written Blogs
Yahoo!: Top Searches of 2008
Lifehacker: Most Popular Top 10s of 2008
The Hype Machine: Submit Your Top 10 Albums
Den of Geek!: Top 5 Writer's Block Movies

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Susie Bright said...

Hey thank you for putting up my list in such august company! I love these end-of-year critic's reflections. I want to make a list for music, and for books, too.

ALl my best,