Tuesday, September 02, 2008

making a habit of linking in lieu of original content

I'm going to do my best to work these signature plays of the literary field into everyday conversation.

Pulling a Nietzsche: having syphilis or a huge mustache, having to say “God is dead” to justify your position in a debate

Pulling a Poe: marrying your cousin or knowing more than three people who have tuberculosis

Pulling a Plath: staring into space for several minutes with a hopeless expression (also “pulling a Kafka”), ranting about your dad

Pulling a Vonnegut: being classified in a genre you feel you don't belong, illustrating your own book… badly

Pulling a Homer: having anonymous work attributed to you while not actually existing

Pulling an Austen: gossiping about socially sensitive topics, falling for someone who seems complicated but is in actuality a dark-haired douchebag

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