Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm really into fencing right now

Embarrassing Escapegrace moment #451: When I was still thinking I could live happily ever after with a career in educational adminstration, I interviewed at a prestigious architecture school. I've always been interested in architecture - everything from interiors to landscapes - so I was excited and nervous to be sitting down with two somewhat well-known architects on the faculty. We talked for awhile about various architectural aspects of the city and my qualifications blah blah, and then one of the interviewers asked me about my current interests. As if destiny itself stepped in to prevent me from getting a job I've come to learn I would have hated, I said: "Fencing." Not the sport, no, but I actually told these minor giants in the field that I was currently very interested in the contraptions used to demarcate yards. (Yeah. I have no idea either.) Oh, it was a proud day. So seeing this collection of some of the world's strangest fences made me feel just a little bit better that someone somewhere is probably justifiably interested in fencing.

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