Friday, December 28, 2007

they had me at 'pencils down'

Skylight Books' Cory Garfin finds a convenient way to excuse his lack of productivity:

Cory Garfin, an L.A.-based fiction writer with no ties to Hollywood, has declared that his lack of productivity of late is actually because he considers himself “on strike” as a show of solidarity with the writers in town who actually get paid to write.

In fact, Garfin maintains that his support of the strike reaches back to well before the WGA officially called for a work stoppage in November of 2007. He claims to not have written much, “and frequently nothing good,” quite often over the last several years. He now says of those lulls: "I've been retroactively protesting."

“It’s wonderful to know,” he goes on to say, “that all of those times in the past when I thought I was suffering from writer’s block or laziness, I was actually a social transformer well ahead of the curve.”