Friday, February 24, 2006

the ecology of hollywood

Michiko Kakutani reviews The Selected Nonfiction of John Gregory Dunne:

Certainly Mr. Dunne, like Tom Wolfe, had an unerring feel for the telling status detail (that might reveal a person's background, pretensions or self-delusions) and the odd, ironic detail (that might capture a mood, a situation, a larger truth), and this volume is crammed full of them. He notices that the stretchers in the Los Angeles County morgue are Tiffany blue. He notices that during the O. J. Simpson trial, Universal Pictures moves an 18-wheeler truck, emblazoned with advertisements for its latest movie, to a spot outside the courthouse where it will appear in live news coverage. And he notices that Steven J. Ross, the onetime Time Warner boss, always signs notes "Love, Steve" — "even to people he might not recognize if he saw them."