Friday, June 20, 2008

flying the skies and literary five a side

I recently flew my virgin flight on Virgin America and it was as cool as everyone says. Upon arrival at the terminal, an employee rushed out to the curb to help me get the luggage inside. Then the staff member who checked me in gave me an amazing tip as to how to bypass the long security line. (Don't ask. Not telling.) Once on the plane, I was so entertained by their in-flight system Red (pictured above) that I wished the flight were longer because I wasn't going to get to everything I wanted to do. (Read more about Red here.)

One thing I did do was watch part of the European Championship match between Turkey and the Czech Republic with my German rowmate. It would have been interesting to know the odds determined by Kit (from Marion Boyars Publishers) who has developed a literary prediction system for the games.

I have developed a system: literary five a side. Five 20th century (otherwise it gets too difficult) authors from each country in question are pitted against each other and then a judgement is made (by me) as to who would win. Marion Boyars authors will feature prominently of course - thank god that the French are out, that would have made for some very difficult decisions.

See the stats breakdown for Germany vs. Portugal here.

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