Monday, June 02, 2008

culver city art walk

After attending the Culver City ArtWalk this weekend, I was on the phone with a friend who had just returned from the Whitney Biennial. We both separately came to the same conclusion: art school final projects. As usual, the ArtWalk was fun and filled with pretty people, but the selections left something to be desired. Perhaps there is something I don't understand about curating an exhibit; I'd be happy to be enlightened.

The galleries known for stronger collections (in my mind) did not disappoint. While I always feel like they're trying to sell me a condo after looking at one above the building two years ago, the MODAA gallery had some Michael Kalish pieces made from old cars that I liked.

It's hard to tell, but Jesus is metal.

Blum & Poe had some Murakami paintings.

It's comforting to see these guys each year. I hope they get a little treat from the Chamber of Commerce.

BLK/MRKT is now called the Kinsey/DesForges Gallery, but they still predictably had some of the strongest work. Tiffany Bozic had a collection of animal paintings on maple panels that vacillated between carnal and precious. My favorite pieces of the day were in the back room, but I can't seem to find any mention of them on the website, oddly enough. The artist painted intriguing figures on vintage book pages, primarily printed in Hebrew. (If anyone knows who she is, please leave a note in the comments.)

The Corey Helford Gallery usually has interesting work, and this year was no exception, although nothing really stood out. I enjoyed watching people look through this peephole wall at the porn images behind it.

For the second year in a row, animals seemed to be the one thread connecting all the galleries, including the most bizarre installation of hundreds of pewter pigs. The two-headed deer below ("Trophy Head") is from Joshua Levine's work at d.e.n. contemporary.

Bernard C. Parks was campaigning around. I'm just using this bus photo as an excuse to remind you to vote NO on 98 this Tuesday.

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