Friday, April 25, 2008

the festival of books: and so it begins

In case you haven't picked up on this yet, I love the Festival of Books. I plan on attending most, if not all, of the following panels. Hope to see you there!

*Saturday, April 26*

1:00 PM Fiction: Novel Lives

Moderator Mr. Robert Roper
Ms. Jill Bialosky
Mr. Nicholas Delbanco
Mr. Brian Hall
Ms. Marianne Wiggins

2:30 PM Women of Slipstream
Moderator Mr. Rob Spillman
Ms. Aimee Bender
Ms. Sarah Shun-lien Bynum
Ms. Kelly Link
Ms. Miranda Mellis

3:00 PM California: The Great Experiment
Moderator Mr. Kevin Roderick
Mr. William Deverell
Mr. Matthew Jaffe
Mr. D.J. Waldie

4:00 PM First Fiction: New Voices
Moderator Ms. Carolyn Kellogg
Ms. Antonia Arslan
Ms. Rebecca Curtis
Ms. Pamela Erens
Ms. Ellen Litman

4:30 PM Ray Bradbury with an Introduction from Sid Stebel
Introducer Mr. Sid Stebel
Mr. Ray Bradbury

*Sunday, April 27*

10:30 AM The Lyrical Line: Conversation & Music with Aimee Mann & Joe Henry
Interviewer Mr. Steve Almond
Mr. Joe Henry
Ms. Aimee Mann

11:30 AM Carolyn & Lisa See in Conversation with Veronique de Turenne
Interviewer Ms. Veronique de Turenne
Ms. Lisa See
Ms. Carolyn See

12:00 PM Surf Culture: Shooting the Tube
Moderator Mr. Antoine Wilson
Mr. Steve Hawk
Mr. Steven Kotler
Mr. Kem Nunn
Mr. David Rensin

12:30 PM Contentious Ground: The Middle East
Moderator Mr. Zachary Karabell
Mr. Reza Aslan
Mr. Chris Hedges
Ms. Amy Wilentz

1:00 PM Fiction: Alternative Visions
Moderator Mr. David L. Ulin
Mr. Steve Erickson
Ms. Shelley Jackson
Mr. Zachary Lazar
Ms. Nina Revoyr

2:30 PM Nonfiction: Laughing Between the Lines
Moderator Ms. Erika Schickel
Mr. Steve Almond
Ms. Meghan Daum
Ms. Stacey Grenrock Woods
Mr. Marc Porter Zasada

3:00 PM Biography: Literary California
Moderator Mr. Richard Rayner
Mr. Anthony Arthur
Mr. Philip L Fradkin
Ms. Judith Freeman

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