Tuesday, October 10, 2006

we live on the edge of disaster and imagine we are in a kitchen

Browsing through back issues of Bomb, I came across an interview with Paula Fox from this year's Spring issue.

Lynne Tillman:
I want to ask you about friends, groups, if you saw or see yourself as part of a literary movement. So many literary histories make assumptions about writers in that way.

Paula Fox: No, I don't feel that I'm in any particular group or movement. It's hard for me to feel that I belong to any group. That's a limitation for me, in myself. It's partly because I was always on the outskirts as a child—of my own life, in my family. As a writer, I feel like one voice among many. I hope that I don't dishonor the art of writing as I am passing through. It's my hope that I don't damage it in any way.

Click through for many insights and photos. Lynne Tillman is interviewed by Geoffrey O'Brien in the current issue.