Tuesday, June 20, 2006

nothing remains some things return

For some reason, a few years back, I was invited to be part of a small group in "conversation" with Wendy Lesser at my grad school. I think I was asked because I had begun a career outside of the traditional faculty track, and Ms. Lesser was speaking on life outside of academia. She talked extensively about her decision to launch lit journal The Threepenny Review and her success finding a living that brought her pleasure and pride. She also read from her (then) recent release, Nothing Remains the Same: Rereading and Remembering. I found Lesser charming and inspiring and talked about her for days as well as my plans for seeking similar pleasure in my life. As often happens, the shine wore off, life got in the way, insert cliche here. I've recently once again been considering the future a little more seriously - deciding I must have a career that feeds my soul as well as my bank account - and who comes along to help in the form of a brand new blog? Wendy Lesser.

Speaking of blog rules, this one is not going to follow most of them.

For one thing, it will be very organized, with listings of its contents (once it accumulates any contents, that is).

For another, I will not be making daily or even weekly postings, and the format will in no way resemble a diary or journal. Each posting will be a little (or not so little) self-contained essay, perhaps more chatty than my usual essays in the magazine, but nonetheless resembling a printed article more than most blog entries do.

And finally, I do not plan to include any photos of my cat or best friends or any other personal items that you would be required to take an interest in. This should come as something of a relief — a blessedly impersonal blog.