Thursday, June 01, 2006

a legitimate place at the high-culture table

The new edition of Artkrush is all about art here in our fine metropolis. You can find a profile of painter Mark Grotjahn and an interview with Ann Philbin, director of what is rapidly becoming my favorite local museum, the Hammer. If you have not been to the current Société Anonyme exhibit, don't miss it.

AK: You were the director of the Drawing Center in New York for nine years, and during that time you transformed it into a vital center for emerging and historical art. What did you see in the Hammer that compelled you to leave an established position in New York and begin anew in Los Angeles?

AP: Well in general I think it's healthy to jump off a cliff every ten years or so — to scare yourself a little. It was time for me to do something different and when I saw the Hammer, I had ideas about what it could or should be. [Emphasis mine]