Tuesday, November 08, 2005

this week's netflix

Oh, Netflix, I've been neglecting you. This is about two months' worth of movies.

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
: This is a wild and disturbing portrait of the dance marathon craze that took off during the Depression, promising prize money for outlasting other dancers (this term being used very loosely) in a sadistic weeks-long competition. The history behind the film's subject is fascinating, and Sydney Pollack does an amazing job of capturing the despair and desperation. Highly recommended.

In the Mood for Love: This film about unconsummated love between two married people in Hong Kong is long on atmosphere and relatively short on plot, but the ambience - and Maggie Cheung's gorgeous dresses - create a mood of beauty and melancholy.

Me, You, and Everyone We Know: I adored Miranda July's debut feature. It's a lovely caricature of loneliness and a testament to the hope that you can find if you bother to try. A friend had coincidentally watched it the same weekend, and we listed scenes we loved for a good half hour during our next conversation. Also highly recommended.

Dear Frankie: I rented this DVD in an attempt to see more of actress Emily Mortimer, and while she was good, the story was pretty sappy and the ending was just plain unfounded.

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