Monday, November 14, 2005

country club

If I had to pick one genre of music to have in my life - a horrifying prospect - it would probably end up being the smart female-fronted americana of Neko Case, Freakwater, Carla Bozulich, Lucinda Williams, Kelly Hogan, and Edith Frost, just to name a few of its members. Well, it's been a happy time around the escapegrace household lately, due to much new music emerging from these quarters.

I already mentioned Freakwater's new album, Thinking of You. Neko Case is playing within walking distance of my new apartment next week, and Freakwater will play at another nearby venue in December.

Edith Frost's new album It's a Game comes out on November 15th. Popsheep has two mp3s for download: "Lovin' You Goodbye" and "Emergency" (scroll down). said the gramophone has "What's the Use."

3hive has Carla Bozulich and Willie Nelson sharing vocals on one of my favorite Geraldine Fibbers' songs, "Hands on the Wheel," which was originally written by Mr. Nelson. Carla's site has many mp3s - including the excellent Bobbie Gentry cover, "Fancy."

Kelly Hogan has formed "motley madrigal quartet" Love Hall Tryst with John Wesley Harding, Nora O'Connor, and Brian Lohmann and released the album Songs of Misfortune.

Lucinda Williams is most likely resting after her last album, Live @ the Fillmore, although I heard talk of a sequel.

In a suprising development, it even looks like Cat Power's making a bid for membership.

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