Thursday, May 15, 2008

is happy captain of industry an oxymoron?

Lance Mannion on why college isn't for everybody:

College isn’t for everybody, and everybody isn’t for college.

When I say that, I’m usually talking about students who aren’t emotionally ready for college, either because they’re not yet mature enough or they are too restless at the moment to settle down to four years of intellectual grinding.

Those kids should take some time after high school to work or travel or join the military or intently pursue a hobby. After a few years, most of them will discover that they are not just ready for school again, they are ready to excel at it.

But often when I say that college isn’t for everybody I also mean that there are lots of college students who shouldn’t be college students ever.

I don’t mean that they are somehow intellectually or emotionally unfit for college. Many of the students I mean do very well in their classes. I mean that college isn’t preparing them for a life that will make them happy.