Wednesday, January 16, 2008

stimulation overload

A quick list of some of my favorite things includes mint chip ice cream, Barton Fink, the '55 Thunderbird, Tom Waits, The Road, and Viggo Mortenson. So there was threat of heartflood when I learned this morning that Viggo is going to star in a film adaptation of McCarthy's post-apocalyptic novel. I fear it may be the case that I'll either be too distracted by Mr. Mortenson or by my vigilant attention to the truth of the adaptation to fully enjoy either. Now if only the Coen Brothers were directing with a Tom Waits soundtrack...

While I'm on the subject, the profile of Cormac McCarthy in December's Rolling Stone is definitely worth a read. It details McCarthy's relationship with the genius science geeks at the Santa Fe Institute, where he spends his days as a Research Fellow after riding up on a mule one day.