Saturday, September 30, 2006

take back the noise

Paper Thin Walls previews a compilation of 47 women working in "experimental noise, field recordings, glitch rock, drone and other related genres." The post features an interview with Ninah Pixie, curator of Women Take Back the Noise and creator of the "noise cookie" custom-made, circuit-bent packaging.

I was surprised at how many women on the compilation were wives and mothers. Were there any surprises for you while you were putting together the artists?

The very first track I received when I posted the call for submissions back in 2003 was from Aedria Hughes, of the Oklahoma-based noise ensemble Ctephin, made up of her husband StF and the eldest of their seven children, Kaylan. They are the very first "noise family" that I’ve run into in my relatively short experience. I loved finding out that people are doing noise with their kids. Leporidae is another great example of this. I had no idea until recently that she has a 12-year old daughter who has her own solo noise act called Tarantula Princess. I suppose the thing that amused and surprised me most about putting this compilation together was that there are so many women involved in these unusual avenues of the noise and experimental genres.